IT – Student-Talk Agreement

Student-Talk terms of use agreement and signup

  • College email only (Non Pitzer address not accepted).
  • Terms of Use Agreement: Student-talk

    For our new students, Student-talk has historically been a listserv that includes most Pitzer students. It can be used as a resource to advertise events, look for events, etc. Most importantly, Student-talk is an unmoderated server, meaning that once an email is sent it goes straight to the entire list. It functions fully on weekends when the offices that moderate other listservs are closed.

    Student-talk is not meant to be a platform where students can harass, degrade, or debase one another or other community members, but rather a forum where we can all connect and exercise our freedom of speech in a manner that is not harassment.

    Consistent with expectations of all students at Pitzer, we would like to remind students who send an email through Student-talk that they must closely follow the Student Handbook and are subject to consequences if they engage in behaviors that may not align with the Handbook and Student Code of Conduct.

    Furthermore, Student-talk will now be opt-in instead of opt-out. For students who decide to opt-in, you should fill out this form entirely, which indicates that you agree to this statement, which outlines our guidelines for Student-talk. These guidelines are to ensure that Student-talk is a space for sharing information and communications with other students and not for harassment or doxxing.

    The listserv will still be unmoderated, but people who violate the guidelines more than three times may be removed for the remainder of the semester. Lastly, please be aware that some non-student community members have historically also been on the listserv.

    Please be mindful of each other, and remember that words on social platforms can have significant implications for yourself and those around you.

    Student Senate’s letter on the Student-talk terms of use agreement is available here.