SCR Committee Preferences

SCR members should aim to serve on a College Governance Committee and or an SCR Committee. This form is to provide your preferred assignment.

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
    List requests require a minimum of five business days to process.
  • Appeal names should be brief (i.e. 2018 Summer Appeal).
  • How will this list be used?
  • Be very specific here, and list all groups you would like included. For example: all alumni with a degree in biology who live within 50 miles of Portland, Oregon.
  • Be very specific here, and include all groups you want excluded. For example: trustees, specific solicit codes, constituents that have given within a specific time, etc.
  • All lists will include Constituent ID, Nickname, Last Name, Class Year, Parent Class Year, and Constituency. Please list additional information that should be included. For example: Preferred Address, Phone Numbers, Spouse Name, Children Name(s), Business Information, MGO Name(s), Giving Information (Last Gift, Lifetime Giving, etc.), Rating Information